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Kosmographia episode 005 of The Randall Carlson Podcast with the Snake Bros – Kyle and Russ, Normal Guy Mike, and GeocosmicREX admin Bradley, from August 5, 2019. Part 3 of the “Atlantis Mystery” series that goes up to ep009. RC gets into eustasy and isostasy – the rising and lowering of the lands and the seas, on the continents and at the floor of the ocean. Evidence for “large and significant displacements” and large vertical movements of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge was identified in the 1970s. He discusses the transverse ridges and the reasons why these studies have been buried without recognition.

R.I. Walcott 1972 refers to paper by Daly from 1925 re: eustasy (up/down of ocean levels) causing surface deformations; “large and significant displacements”
Aesthenosphere defined
R.K. Matthews from 1969: Tectonic Implications of Glacio-Eustatic Sea Level Fluctuations (important figure in our understanding of the oceans) re: changes in sea level related to glaciers
Huge adjustments to ocean floor, but not necessarily uniform
J. Honnorez from 1975: “Mesozoic Limestone from the … Mid Atlantic Ridge?” RE: limestone and granitic grains reveals a piece of the granite crust was left behind near MAR
Magnesium calcite formed as these blocks were sub-aerial; must have undergone large vertical movements, including emersion (from out/above the water)
Block did not move with sea-floor spreading, but does show large up/down motions
E. Bonatti from 1977: Neogene crustal emersion and subsidence at… equatorial Atlantic
Summit of block was at or above sea level during the Late Cenozoic
Map of MAR with triple junction at Azores – even more susceptible to isostatic movements
East/west transverse ridges produced by vertical tectonic motions
Oolitic-biogenic limestones formed in shallow water close to sea level – now 4000 feet down

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