This is a collection of unrelated short videos in various feilds of general science. Got rocks? No? Well find out all about the secret lives of rocks in the second video below!

Note that I will not be uploading “Global Warming” due to video length until I either A) figure out how to edit downloaded videos or B) become a partner. Also the credits, since, well, they’re useless without the main vid, of course.

This was not made by myself. It was made by the Cassiopeia Project.…

“The Cassiopeia Project is an effort ot make science education videos available for free to anyone who wants them. We believe that if you ca visualise it, then understanding is not far behind. Teachers and stufdents are particularly welcome to use these materials.”

I want to make clear they say nothing about people who are not teachers and students not being allowed to use this, so I think I’m okay.

They also have a youtube channel with all this.

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