In this video Dr Verburgh talks what are the key elements of a longevity diet. Dr Verburgh first wrote a paper on this subject in 2015, which introduced the term Nutrigerontology.

The paper is: Nutrigerontology: why we need a new scientific discipline to develop diets and guidelines to reduce the risk of aging-related diseases
And is available here:

Dr Kris Verburgh is a medical doctor and researcher at the Free University of Brussels where his focus is the aging process, metabolism and nutrition. He published his first book when he was 16 and his latest is the Longevity Code. Dr Verburgh is a co-founder of NOVOS labs and is a partner and head of science at the Longevity Vision Fund. With that let me start the interview.

Dr Verburgh’s home page


At The Singularity University

Dr Verburgh’s books on Amazon
The Longevity Code
The Food Hourglass

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