The paleo diet is about getting back to our caveman eating habits. No processed foods, no grains and limited dairy, the eating trend aims to get us back to our prehistoric roots.

One believer is Pete Evans from Aussie’s My Kitchen Rules, who’s decided the world needs a paleo cookbook for babies.

The controversial book was slammed by many dieticians, who warned some recipes, including a DIY baby formula, could be seriously harmful to children.

But Pete wasn’t ready to give up on his paleo despite being dropped by publishers, so he’s self-published online.

Registered dietician and founder of ABC Nutrition Angela Berril joined Paul Henry this morning to discuss the new cookbook.

“If babies eat strictly paleo diets, it can potentially be incredibly dangerous, and certainly with some of the recipes in the Bubba Yum Yum cookbook, it can actually have severe effects on the baby. There are good messages in the book, but as a whole I certainly wouldn’t recommended children or babies follow a paleo diet.”

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