Fans of the paleo-diet are very dedicated ones. They report not only looking better, but also feeling better. Trace looks at whether this is just a passing fad, or if it deserves a closer look.

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Natural History Highlight- Investigating the Diet of Neanderthals

“Although no one can be sure what caused the Neanderthals to disappear, many theories have been proposed. One of those theories suggests that Neanderthals had a very focused diet.”

The Paleo Diet: Caveman Cure-All or Unhealthy Fad?

“The idea of the Paleo diet has been around for decades, but it’s really taken off over the last couple of years, with a slew of books, blogs, and a prominent podcast espousing its virtues. And no wonder—it has a compelling sales pitch.”

The Beneficial Effects of a Paleolithic Diet on Type 2 Diabetes and Other Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease

“A 2009 report by Jönsson and colleagues in Cardiovascular Diabetology has highlighted the potential benefits of a Paleolithic diet for patients with type 2 diabetes (T2DM). ”

What’s Wrong with the [____] Diet?

“From Oprah’s liquid diet to Atkins’ low carb diet, there are tons of fad diets out there each with plenty of health claims and scant scientific evidence to support them. A lot of these diets promise greater weight loss. These claims are unsubstantiated.”


What Is The Paleo Diet?

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