A bit about my intention I seeded at the new moon to follow the AIP protocol for two weeks starting at the full moon.

AIP protocol- auto-immune paleo, an anti-inflammatory diet and protocol that I’ve found to feel most vitalizing to me.

This protocol can be supportive for a myriad of dis-ease and health issues as so much of it stems from inflammation.

I followed this protocol for a year and was able to do immense gut healing, therefore alleviating my other symptoms. I’d had auto-immune like symptoms- rashes, eczema, psoriasis, low thyroid and hair loss, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, brain fog, digestive issues… My doc wanted me to go on thyroid meds but I chose to heal through changing my diet and lifestyle. I experienced immense healing, with this protocol being a foundational piece on the journey.

However, as I healed, I began reintroducing foods and it’s a constant experiment, a constant balance of how much I can stray from this protocol and still feel vital. I’m at a tipping point where my body wants to return to this protocol.

what’s in- meat, seafood, fruit, veggies (no nightshades)
what’s out- grains, pseudograins, nuts, seeds, legumes, dairy, sugar

-the term paleo may turn a lot of people off, I do choose to eat meat, though in a responsible manner, purchasing directly from the farmers market. I believe in holistic, regenerative systems and in my philosophy eating meat is part of this, but I also want to honor other’s philosophies and beliefs. This protocol can be more difficult if you don’t eat meat, but it is possible and I’m curious to explore this in more depth
-access is huge! and so is time to dedicate, it’s a complex subject, but I hope to share inspiration for exploring my philosophies and experiences of healing

-yummy recipes and preparation
-the farmers market! local, seasonal food!
-community! I’d love to share recipes and meals with others, this was an isolating experience for me in the past and I want to embrace this and share it instead of feeling like my dietary preferences are restricting

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