In this interview, Mandy Curry, co-founder of Healthy Kids Inc, sits down to talk with Lisa Lineberg about the Paleo Lifestyle and kids health.

In this interview we cover:
• Why eating the right high quality fatty meats is needed for a healthy brain and body.
• Limiting breads and dairy from our diets.
• Butter is back! And how to find the right butter.
• How to get your kids on board with healthy eating and why it’s important to create a safe haven in our home.
• The best breakfast for your kids (and why cereal, skim milk, and fruit isn’t good)
• Lisa’s thoughts on childhood obesity and why the low-fat diet has actually contributed to childhood obesity.

Additional resources & books noted in the video are:

Lisa’s Blog:

(book) The Primal Blueprint, by Mark Sisson

(book) Wheat Belly, by William Davis

(cookbook) Well Fed, by Melissa Joulwan

(cookbook) Eat Like a Dinosaur, by the Paleo Parents

Learn more about Healthy Kids Inc at: