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My CHALLENGE is being a Muslim women, Heath Expert, Lead Oncology Research Nurse and Hijabi trying to help people who really need it. So PLEASE SHARE THE LOVE !
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This dish is ABSOLUTELY delicious. The crisp, the crunch, the flavors are intense in your mouth. I promise you, you have never tried anything like this before, it’s creamy, it has a beautiful kick, and my kids, my family, everyone I know beg for this dish every time.

Comment and let me know what you need, are you trying to loose weight, are you trying intermittent fasting, I have done intermittent fasting for 30 years as it is part of our religion and culture, NO one can compare to that experience and knowledge, are you trying to eat Anti-inflammatory. I can help you based on what research has to say and not a blog that isn’t based on science or evidence.

KETO DIETERS: Omit the won ton wrappers and Noodles

Finally you will learn what Science says about the ingredients we put in our food through Evidence based research. Your host is an Expert Oncology Nurse who works at US News and World Reports voted Best Cancer hospital in the West Coast and owned a successful Indian restaurant right here in Los Angeles county.

Find in the description the research that backs the health values in the foods and ingredients of the dishes presented and have a read to educate yourselves.

I promise you as a successful restaurant owner you will learn through my channel the tips and tricks restaurant owners will not share because this channel is about sharing truly amazing flavors, a mix of Indian Fusion and a melting pot of cultures as I grew up in Los Angeles and all these flavors come ALIVE in my food like you’ve never tasted. The most amazing Tamales you’ve ever had, kicked up stir fry’s, lasagna like you’ve tried. My flavors will burst in you mouth because I know the science behind making good taste amazing. The right heat points for ingredients, the right smoke points for spices, you’ll learn all this here. You will be the talk of every pot luck as I have been, your family will rave about your vegetables, yes even your kids, you will get them eating fabulously delicious foods that have science and health behind the ingredients.


These Dishes will be EASY. I am a business women, entrepreneur, Lead Oncology Nurse Case Manager, mother of 3 young children and believe family comes first, but EVEN I CAN make these dishes every night for my family.


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Note: There are affiliate links in this description that may or may not provide me with a commission.

Disclaimer: This channel in no way is intended to diagnose, treat, or provide medical advise. It is purely meant for education and entertainment purposes. All the research presented will be from nationally recognized organizations such as the CDC, NIH, and FDA.

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