Hi everyone, I had mentioned in a few videos last year about cutting down sugar and trying out alternative snacks in my journey through Hashimotos & Under active Thyroid. I took the leap last year to start working with a functional doctor as my standard GP (a great doctor) wasn’t in a position to help me delve deeper into how I could improve my symptoms. I tend not to wait for a solution – I go in search of it!

I’m now fully into a Paleo diet and it took a bit of adjustment but I’m finding it no issue. Going out for meals is a hassle as so many places will do gluten free or vegan (great for the dairy free option) but rarely do both go together! Lots of vegan options have gluten, so often I find there’s one or two choices on the full menu and rarely a suitable dessert (sad times!).

This isn’t the only approach for managing Hashimotos as there’s much more to it, but you might be interested in these really nice snacks that are available, even as an alternative to what you might be a bit bored of in your current diet. Do you have any lifestyle adjustments that you’ve chosen to make recently? I’d love to know!

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Coconut Wafer Thins: https://amzn.to/3t4TJ9I

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