Following up on episode #86 from last week looking back through the years of our time spent lifting weights, this week we have a very similar episode but instead covering what our nutrition has looked like throughout different phases.

I think this episode can be of a lot of help to see that we both had large periods where our nutrition was far from perfect and how we evolved independently to find ourselves where we currently our today with similar approaches to eating.

As always, thanks for listening! ️

00:00 Episode intro/life updates
19:36 Aaron was naturally tall and skinny – gaining 20lbs each year in high school football without any real structure
21:02 Bryan was the opposite – started training at 15 years old, turns baby fat into muscle gain with 6 meals a day
32:04 Aaron at 23-24years old – CF & Paleo, first real structure of diet. Dropped weight down into the high 170’s
39:45 Bryan at 25-26years old – mostly corporate America lunches. Settled into a pattern of 4-5 days immaculate and 2-3 days eating bar food and drinking
45:21 At almost 30yrs old, Aaron – Another permabulk. Post- crossfit-focused, powerlifting phase and the biggest he has ever been
47:22 Byran at 38- current, most balance in general, 4 years running of 8-9 month surplus + 3-4 month cut
48:00 Straker Nutrition Company. Nutritional science, periodization – changed Aaron’s perspective on food to be healthy first

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