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The Paleo Diet Explained. A beginners guide to Paleo Diet. In this video we discuss the history of the Paleo diet by Dr. Loren Cordain and his obsession with paleolithic nutrition. We also talk about the theory of the paleo diet. What foods are allowed in the paleo diet and what foods are not allowed. We take an overview of the studies of the paleo diet and it’s evidence that argues it’s a healthy diet. We review the literature on paleo for weight loss. We also discuss some differences between keto vs paleo. As a bonus, we talk about my experience with the paleo diet and we review a day in the life of the paleo and what meal plan I would follow on the paleo diet. We review some of my favorite dinner recipes for the paleo diet. I talk about some tips and tricks for starting the paleo diet and if I think the paleo diet is a good diet for beginners.

00:00 Introduction
00:43 What is the Paleo Diet
01:48 Theory of Paleo Diet
04:27 Foods Allowed | Not Allowed
06:19 Is the Paleo Diet Healthy
07:55 Can you Lose Weight on the Paleo Diet
08:56 Difference between Paleo and Keto
10:03 How does Paleo Stack up Against other Diets
12:00 Is the Paleo Diet a Fad
12:25 Bonus: My Experience with the Paleo Diet
12:51 Pros and Cons
14:41 Typical Day Eating Paleo
16:59 Favorite Dinners on Paleo
17:45 Tips for Starting the Paleo
18:46 Is the Paleo a good diet for Beginners
19:43 Is the Paleo Sustainable

Beta X Fitness practices health and happiness by prioritizing our actions to follow 80/20 rule (80% of the results from 20% of the effort). We seek keystone habits that allow us to build a healthy, grateful lifestyle.

Our priorities:
Health: Posture and Blood Work are #1.

When joints are out of alignment due to muscle imbalance, then we are more likely to become injured.

Often, posture alignment requires weight loss.
Often posture alignment requires strength training and mobility training.

So, all things considered, weight loss, strength training and mobility training are first priorities in order to correct muscle imbalances.

Then and only then performance, power and endurance can be built.

Blood Work (Lipids, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar and Body Fat) is paramount to health.

Ensuring your blood work is within normal range will position you for a longer, healthier life.

Often, reaching normal ranges in blood work require modifications to nutrition and cardiovascular exercise.

Mindset shift. Just as important as it is to become healthy, it is also important to become happy.

The equation to happiness is such:
Fulfillment/Expectation = Happiness

The amount of fulfillment of your expectations equates to your happiness.

Two main ways to alter this equation is through increasing fulfillment (external) or decreasing expectations (internal).

Through meditation, affirmations and daily reminders, we set the tone, we practice our humility and persistence in our daily actions.

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