Are you struggling to lose weight and get healthy? The Paleo diet may be right for you:) I lost and gained back so much weight over the years and when menopause hit, it was even harder to shed the pounds:(

No counting calories, No points and No weighing or measuring your food!

I was able to lose 30 pounds 3 years ago and I have been able to easily maintain that weight loss!

This diet is filled with nutrient dense meats, vegetables, seafood, organ meats, fruits and healthy fats. The focus being on quality grass fed or organic meats (if possible), wild caught seafood(or farm raised preferably in this country), lots of vegetables (eat the rainbow!), organ meats such as liver or bone broth, fruit(high sugar fruits in moderation), healthy fats and probiotic foods such as kombucha, and fermented foods such as sauerkraut.

The foods that are known to cause inflammation and are to be avoided are: dairy, beans, peas, nuts, lentils, grains such as in cereal, bread, crackers, corn, oatmeal, wheat. No soy, sugar, candy, soda, fruit juices, and processed foods.

Many more in depth videos to come on this topic along with tips and tricks that have helped me along the way! I’ll also be sharing my favorite recipes that have helped me stay on track;)

Dr Sarah Ballantynes website and paleo food list:

What is the Paleo Diet?

Or to buy her book on Amazon:

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