I assume you have come to this site because you are either curious about the Paleo Lifestyle (yes?), or you want to live a healthier life (yes?) and you are sick and tired of the ‘yo yo’ dieting rollercoaster you have been on with no success in becoming that trim taut and ‘triffic you’, that you have always wanted to be (yes?).

Well you have come to the right place in “Live Life and Play the Paleo Way”. This is NOT a diet in the common use of the word Diet (Big D – which stands for deprivation, desperate and doomed to fail). It really is a lifestyle in terms of the food we choose to take into our bodies, and as the name suggests it mimics the diet (little d — doable, and delicious,) of our forebears of some 2 and a bit million years ago in the period of our development called the Paleolithic period.

The reality is that our great, great, great and so on grandmothers did not have to push trolleys up and down aisles laden with cardboard and plastic packets of all shapes and sizes containing not much more than sugar and carbohydrates and little nutritional value.

Have you ever wondered why since the introduction of “low fat” this, and “lite” that, why we are as fat as a society as we have ever been, given this ‘low/lite’ focus on our food?

A significant part of the problem can be seen in the processed nature of our food. “Low fat” maybe (and by the way we NEED fat in our diet – good fat that is!) but then that is replaced by heaps and heaps of sugar and carbs. And who knows what all that gibberish on the food labels actually means. And go to the top of the class if you can pronounce half of it!

But we quite happily chuck tons and tons of the stuff down our gullets day after day after day… so it is no wonder we are so unhealthy as a population. It would appear that we have really lost our knowledge of what constitutes real food.

“Live Life and Play the Paleo Way” well describes the Paleo lifestyle and the best way to keep your body healthy and free from the contaminates that impact so badly on our health that lie in our diet. It is easy to achieve and maintain optimal health with no need to starve and deprive yourself of the good things in life as far as food is concerned.

This is not a recipe book although there are a few Paleo recipes and a food plan for a week included, to give you an idea of just how do-able this is. There are references at the back of the book to a few recipes books that go hand in hand this very practical guide.

So if you are casting about seeking a Paleo lifestyle as a consequence of what you are eating then “Live, Life and Play the Paleo Way” is the way to go….

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