Please enjoy this first part of the August section of E.D.G.E’s 2021 Paleo-Rewind, produced by yours truly! In this video, I’ll be covering six different palaeontological papers released during the first half of August. The topics covered will include, but are not limited to, the Unenlagiine Dromaeosaur Ypupiara, the ecology of Steller’s Sea Cows and the description of three new ‘Condylarth’ species from the Early Paleocene. The second half of August will be covered by Past Eons so be sure to stay tuned for their video. If you are interested, I’ll provide links to the papers referenced below:


Steller’s Sea Cow ecology:


Silutitan and Hamititan:

Carnotaurus skin:

Paleocene Condylarths:

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