Paleo tips and tricks. Tips and tricks for going paleo include the following

Like most things in life, going paleo is easier if you are doing so with someone else. It can’t make it a lot easier to have a partner while undergoing this major lifestyle change, so if you would like to try and recruit someone else to try it with you, then go ahead.

Also, instead of focusing on the things that you wish you had and really want, it’s a good idea to find replacements for the things you crave rather than trying to use a lot of self-control to prevent yourself from giving in to temptations.

Crock pots can be an amazing investment for anyone who is considering a Paleo lifestyle. Another good idea if you are going paleo is to invest in soups. Stews and soups are great for paleo..

Developing new habits can take anywhere from a week to a month, depending on how adamant you are about sticking with the new routine and how often you are able to practice it. The best way to begin to implement a new habit is to make it your priority and to stick with it every day at approximately the same time.

Our paleo tips and tricks should include the 30 Day Guide to Paleo by Primal Palate and myKitchen to help with menus and meal planning. You will get plenty of guidance on your Paleo journey, even down to shopping list creation. Just go to this link: You’ll be glad you did.

Having the thinking done for you will probably be the best of Paleo tips and tricks..
The most important thing about building a new diet habit is to remember that it takes time. And remember not to be too hard on yourself if you “fall off the wagon” from time to time.

And again we encourage you to take advantage of the help you can get in maintaining your Paleo lifestyle with the 30 Day Guide to Paleo by Primal Palate and myKitchen here: As we said, this is absolutely the best of the Paleo tips and tricks we can think of.

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