It can feel confusing knowing which diet plan is right for you with all of the popular diets and meal plans out there. Dr. Samantha Harris, a Scripps endocrinologist specializing in weight management, discusses two of the most popular weight-loss approaches, the keto and paleo diets, including key differences and similarities, who each diet benefits the most, what you eat on each diet and more. Get the facts about each diet plan and find out if either one is right for you.

0:31 – What is the keto diet?
0:45 – What is ketosis?
1:06 – How do you know when you’ve entered the state of ketosis?
1:45 – What effect does intermittent fasting have on ketosis?
2:23 – What foods can you eat on the keto diet?
2:55 – What foods do you need to avoid on the keto diet?
3:16 – What kind of fruit should you eliminate on the keto diet?
3:34 – How long can you stay on the keto diet?
4:08 – Who is a good candidate for the keto diet, and who should avoid it?
4:59 – What is the paleo diet?
5:36 – Can you eat meat on the paleo diet?
6:09 – Who is a good candidate for the paleo diet?
6:29 – What are the health benefits of the paleo diet?
7:28 – What is the pegan diet?
8:09 – What is the benefit of the pegan diet?
8:34 – Final thoughts

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