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What is Speculative Biology? 2:01
Dicynodont? 4:38
Gorgonopsid? 7:20
Therocephalian? 9:25
Conclusion 12:17

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As much as I love talking about Paleontology I have been itching to get into some of the more fringe Biology topics for quite a while now! So when I recently received a message from one of my patrons asking me about a topic that would require me to delve into the subject of Speculative Biology, I figured it would be the perfect excuse to dive head first into this rabbit hole of a topic!

I was going to need some help though, so I contacted Keenan Taylor, a long time friend of the channel who is one of the best scientific illustrators and worldbuilders I know. He helped me brainstorm this topic as well as sketch out some of the speculative stem mammals for this project!

Special thanks to Ellie Wallace for giving me this prompt for my first speculative biology video! Check out her work here! Thanks again! The website is

If you’re not familiar with Keenan’s work I highly recommend checking it out! He has his second novel coming out on November 1st!

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