(August)Merry Christmas & Welcome to PaleoRewind 2022 for the month of June! Buck & I will be your hosts as we discuss incredible discoveries made during the month, from the Megalodon, to dinosaur belly buttons, to the best preserved mummified mammoth ever discovered! Hope you enjoy your stay!

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For those new to this series, each participant chooses a month to summarize and then releases their video in order in the 12 days leading up to January 1st, then on Jan 1st I release a major compilation featuring each of the participant’s video. So, without further ado, and if everything goes to plan, here is everyone involved and when their video should release.

(January) Prehistoric Australia

(February) Raptor Chatter

(March) Thought Potato

(April) Gutsick Gibbon

(May) Ben G Thomas

(June) Biotaverse

(July) Prehistorica
Come back December 26th

(August) SpinoDude
Come back December 27th

(September) Henry the Paleoguy
Come back December 28th

(October) Spenser of Cretaceous Cast
Come back December 29th

(November) Paleo Analysis
Come back December 30th

(December) E.D.G.E.
Come back December 31st

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