Did you know that there are certain foods that are problematic for the thyroid and foods that support it? The food you eat can help you feel energized and healthy or sick and tired. Food has the power to reduce symptoms, calm autoimmune thyroid antibodies, and even change the way our bodies utilize thyroid medication.

Paloma Health sits down with Ginny Mahar of Hypothyroid Chef to get inspiration for breakfasts that support your thyroid and overall health. From grab-and-go breakfast ideas to thyroid-healthy alternatives to those sweet, indulgent brekkies, the information Ginny brings to this mastermind will help you eat well so you can feel well–without spending all your time in the kitchen.

To learn more about @Hypothyroid Chef, visit Ginny at https://www.hypothyroidchef.com/ and on social media @hypothyroidchef.

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