If you enjoyed this video, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE In this video we reveal 6 celebs who credit the caveman diet aka Paleo diet to lose weight. But is it a good idea to follow these celebs and go on the caveman diet?

Is paleo the way to eat, or not?

Is it science based?

Or is it just another trendy celebrity diet?

Stay tuned to find out and my thoughts on it as a registered nutritionist.

00:00 – Caveman Diet (Paleo Diet) Explained
00:26 – What is the Caveman Diet?
03:49 – What are the Pros of the Paleo Diet?
03:52 – Lower Risk Of Death
04:26 – Help Manage Diabetes
04:52 – Help With Weight Loss
05:22 – Increase Exercise
05:34 – What are the Cons of the Paleo Diet?
05:37 – Restrictive
05:51 – Costly
06:15 – Lack Of Scientific Proof
07:00 – Nutritional Deficiencies
07:50 – Should You Try The Paleo Diet?

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Matthew McConaughey’s SHOCKING Weight Loss & Diet For Dallas Buyers Club – https://youtu.be/pMeIVHq9GBc


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