I Am No Longer Vegan video : https://bit.ly/2BwsLAM

My name is Savanna Stanhope and I am 25 years old. I reintroduced animal foods after 5 years on a vegan diet to heal my chronic IBS and skin issues. Currently I am trying a paleo approach and avoiding grains, beans, dairy, gluten, and most starchy foods. These are some of the typical foods I eat in a day. If you have any questions you would like me to answer please write them down below!

Please know that I am not a certified dietician, nor providing any advice on gut or skin issues. This is only my personal experience and I hope that you will enjoy some of the recipes I share and that it can give you an example of what one particular person eats on a paleo diet. If you have any medical questions please refer to a qualified professional for help.

Visit my website for healthy recipes and articles: https://www.mypaleoplate.com

Instagram: @savannastanhope

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